School of Nutrition, Italian Gastronomy and Culture

The School’s objective is to conduct a rigorous scientific investigation on the principles of nutrition and on the cultural aspects of Italian culinary heritage, by examining the intersection of historical and sociological influences on local gastronomic traditions.

The basics of the chemistry and biology of nutrition and the physiological principles that underlie a balanced diet are examined, as well as the origins and development of food cultures; climate and environmental conditions; social issues, and agricultural production. Students come to understand the multifaceted richness of food by examining the anthropological data on the eating habits of the ancient peoples of the Mediterranean as well as more contemporary literary sources which show the social, sacred, and economic meanings of food throughout history.

To round out the educational experience, students engage in the practical hands-on preparation of traditional Mediterranean and Italian dishes, as they explore the connections between theory and skill learning to pair food and wine within the context of healthy drinking as part of a historical and cultural tradition.