DiscriminACTION – Creating a world everyone wants to live in

DiscriminACTION was a round table led by LdM Event Planning students within the wider the Art is in the Square celebrations, which took place Saturday 11th of May.

The conference revolves around violence and discrimination in our society and how these can quietly seep into our lives, causing distress and uneasiness.   

Nowadays discrimination can come in several forms, either blatant or subtle: from household appliances industry’s bias against left-handed people, to the salary gap between male and female workers, examples of intolerance and unfairness can be found in any environment. LdM Event Planning students were tasked with identifying the most striking pieces of evidences of discrimination in their everyday life, conduct thorough research and finally organize a round table to discuss them.

Students’ assignments also included designing graphics and shooting a video to support the information and awareness campaign on both printed material and social media; select and invite influential speakers to the round table, in order to discuss the outcome of their research; cooperate with the Body Language course professor to examine how our negative feelings can show through our body expressions.


10.30 – Erin Marr – Opening/Presentation of the Project

10:40 – Video Clip – Showing of the clip made by the Students

10:50 – Keely Meetze – Moderator
Stefano Marinelli
Origins of Violence and Conflicts
The visible and invisible violence we face in our daily life
Progress and Step-backs

Eva DeClerq 
Re-thinking disability what can a body do?
Showing of film by Judith Butler (famous American philosopher/gender theorist) and Sunaura Taylor (disability activist and artist).

Carla Fronteddu
Violence on Women
Violence on women in Italy, from the “codice Rocco” to the “no one less movement”, an overview on how the legislative approach has changed and femminist movement that is focusing on other ways of oppression beyond the gender.

Stefano Marinelli

Final Message
11:50 – Q&A
12:15 – closing and thanks – Sarah Birchenough
12:30 – Paolo Grassini
Showing of 2 short films + 1 Animated Card