Perpetual Adage

PERPETUAL ADAGE displays the works of LdM Alumnus and visual artist, Alexander Salazar. The artworks reflect upon the concepts of time and transformation.


Perpetual Adage is a series five years in the making that depicts classic ballerina and Marist-LdM Alumna Anna Russell dancing in 2014 and again in 2019. The past, present, and future are fused together to capture the omnipresent self-transformation process that everyone experiences in life.

The artworks in this series were realized using various traditional and contemporary techniques. While some of the images were painted, others were further developed using Adobe Photoshop and printed on contemporary materials. For example, in the piece Perpetual, three images were printed on separate transparent layers of plexiglass, juxtaposing a two-dimensional image onto a three-dimensional plane. The synthesis of traditional and contemporary materials represents the dynamic and multifaceted nature of identity.

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The exhibition PERPETUAL ADAGE will run from Monday, July 15th to Thursday, August 1st.
After the launch, the LdM Gallery is open weekly from Tuesday to Thursday, 4.30-7 PM.

Opening night will include a free aperitivo.

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