CUCINA Lorenzo de’ Medici opens a new branch in Turin

After its successful experience in Florence, the Lorenzo de’ Medici Cooking School lands in the new Mercato Centrale Torino.

From this year Lorenzo De’ Medici Cooking School, whose first branch is located inside the Mercato Centrale Firenze, have decided to put down roots inside the new Mercato Centrale Torino to offer all food lovers a new, engaging, and innovative experience and to bring Torino’s public closer to the warm flavors of Tuscan cuisine.


Lorenzo De’ Medici Cooking School is a side project of Lorenzo De’ Medici Institute. The ability to sense and nurture the resources of Italy and Italian culture (in particular of Tuscany region) and the love for the history of our country and for its extraordinary knowledge and flavors, ancient and artisanal, have guided all of the Institute’s choices, in the person of Fabrizio and Carla Guarducci. Last but not least, the decision to create another cooking school, this time inside the Mercato Centrale Torino, within the splendid framework of Centro Palatino, in the historical neighborhood of Porta Palazzo.

Through special courses, run in close contact with the artisans of tastethe Lorenzo de’ Medici Cooking School aims to become a point of reference for good food, culture and tradition lovers, as well as the education that can be received through good cuisine, which is a powerful mean of communication.

The food artisans themselves and their products are the main protagonists of our cooking courses, both in Firenze and Torino. All those who will attend the different school’s courses will have the opportunity to learn – thanks to the direct touch with Mercato Centrale’s artisans- the methods and attention to the quality of each and every ingredient until they get a comprehensive understanding of each product.

The range of available courses has been conceived to describe and teach a new lifestyle to all lovers of fine food, which revolves around taste and passion, the genuineness of products, the conviviality and communication of our chefs. This is a philosophy aimed at winning people’s heart that enables everybody to enjoy and appreciate food in a different way, by gaining a new culinary awareness that will last long after the completion of their educational path.

The school opened in June 2019, all available courses and shows are listed here:

For more information about the cooking school, please contact [email protected]