Memesis and Construction


This semester we have moved forward and backward through art history. We have applied techniques that have been employed for over 500 years and have utilized digital tools that are continuously transforming. We have used pigments that go back to the origins of mankind and others that have been on the market for only twenty years. We have taken painting as a vehicle in which we move across time, in which we absorb and ignore traditions, follow and break rules – we have behaved conformist and anarchist at the same time.

For example, in the construction of space in painting: We worked with the baroque space, which makes the objects and faces emerge from the illusion of a deep, dark room. We have used space to transfer the phenomenon of movement into the static medium of painting. We introduced blurring to imitate the photographic simulation of space. Finally, we used ornament and color to undermine and ironize the illusion of space.

In this way, we have been moving in a peculiar realm of freedom in art, where our representations oscillate between mimesis and construction, where we act insecurely, feel pleasure and discover something new simultaneously. 

MARTIN FIGURA presents: 

Francesca Leggio, Jack Masters, Sophia Quinn, Marely Robinson, Torreya Simon, Erin Zurfluh.

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