Footwear Futures


We are excited to host the footwear influencer and most sought after footwear innovation expertise, Nicoline van Enter. Ms. Van Enter has created solutions for leading brands ranging from start-ups to Adidas and Timberland to Kering group and Balenciaga.

The opportunity to be a part of Nicoline’s presentations is rarely connected to a student group and we are honored to have this opportunity to host Nicoline’s one hour presentation.

Wednesday Nov 16th from 11-12 pm

at the Church of San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini, via Faenza 43.

Nicoline’s approach of design innovation, environmentally friendly manufacturing and understanding the future evolution of footwear has defined how top eco-conscious footwear companies approach sustainability.

Footwear careers are not only for designers. Nicoline came to footwear from her background of engineering, journalism and marketing. She will explain how each person directly connects within the footwear arena and also shares what the footwear industry needs most.

Listen to how trends are conceived in the footwear industry, new approaches of development systems and the possibilities of biotech, 3d printing, automated design, modular shoes and innovative materials, will change the way we know footwear today.

Come ready with questions and to be forever changed on what you once knew about the footwear industry.

Nicoline van Enter has 30 years+ of experience in the shoe industry. She is the founder and creative director of the Footwearists, the international platform for footwear innovation. Sharing insight into the biotechnology, the importance of construction, and what the footwear future and meaningful innovation holds for people and the planet.