ReDiscovering – Tutankhamon

TUTANKHAMUN is perceived as a collective element by the whole of humanity, and not only by a single cultural group. It is part of the world’s cultural identity, something coated with an imaginary functionality and beauty, which refers to the image we project in the past, able to communicate with the present. His name evokes a series of usual stereotypical mental images: the artistic peak reached by his excellent funeral mask; life passed in one of the most intriguing periods at the diplomatic level (close relations with other cultures of the Near East); and at the spiritual level (speculations on the figure of the god Aton). 

Furthermore, the not yet clear relationship with the pharaoh Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten, the premature death and dynastic problems that occurred with the accession to the throne by figures not related to the dynasty (Ay and Horemheb), the small tomb compared to a rich funerary equipment, and, unfortunately, the so-called “curse”. However, there is much more in the figure and history of this king. So, after a century it is necessary to “Rediscover Tutankhamun”.


Massimiliano Franci, Irene Morfini, Valentina Santini (CAMNES).

Photographs by Paolo Bondielli (MediterraneoAntico).

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