LdM Journal

The pandemic caused the Spring 2020 semester to take an unexpected turn, with our students having to head home and classes resuming remotely.
Today, we can look back with pride on what is possibly one of the most challenging times we all have lived through.
Our students and professors worked tirelessly together, finding a new sense of closeness throughout the difficulties.
Their efforts have culminated in this Journal, which showcases our Creative Art and Design students’ work while capturing a specific time in our era. The Journal shares a sense of loss and, at the same time, a desire to look forward, thanks to poetry, ingenuity, innovation, and all the precious instruments we have inside ourselves.

The Spring 2020 Journal is a thank you from us, not only to the featured artists but to all our 2020 students. It celebrates their resilience and the work and devotion of our faculty to our great and small achievements.

It is an invitation to share with us memories and stories. We were together when the pandemic started, and this ties our stories forever.