Programs at LdM Rome

LdM Rome is divided into five main schools: the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, School of Creative Arts, School of Nutrition, Italian Gastronomy and Culture, School of Sciences, and School of Italian Language and Culture.

Each of these schools provides a rich academic setting for our students to pursue their studies. Beyond the classroom, Rome’s economic and political heart highlights exciting disciplines such as international relations and business, media and communications, and art and fashion. This gives LdM students the opportunity to experience the unique charm of modern life in the historical Italian capital city.

Study Abroad Programs

Why study abroad at LdM Rome? As an LdM student, you can challenge your thinking and expand your perspective on a global level while learning both inside the classroom and beyond. LdM invites students to explore and utilize the city’s resources, art, architecture, and cultural history as an extended component of their overall education.

Academic Semester and Year Abroad

Semester or year-long programs foster awareness and understanding of the course subjects and are specifically designed for students who want a full-immersion experience. A mandatory Italian language component is available at different degrees of intensity, depending on the students’ level and their desire to develop language skills.

Summer Programs

The Summer Programs include month-long courses in June and July and are well-suited for undergraduate students who want to study abroad and earn academic credit, as well as for independent students who want to study abroad in Rome.

LdM Rome offers a STEM advancement program, with courses taught in English and designed to match the common needs of STEM majors at the sophomore and junior sciences level. Italian language courses are not mandatory in this program.

At the core of the LdM STEM program is a required course on Italy’s contributions to modern sciences. Students examine important Italian scientists from the Renaissance to the present while exploring the development of scientific thought in a historical context.

The program provides the building blocks for an understanding of long-standing scientific traditions in Italy. By broadening the students’ knowledge of the field, it allows them to understand how scientific discoveries throughout time have influenced society and contributed to historic and artistic developments throughout the world.

The Three Cities Program, available in the locations of Florence, Rome and Tuscania both during the Fall and Spring Semester, is a semester-long study abroad experience that exposes students to the distinctive character and cultural heritage that each location adds to modern Italy.

Certificate in International Conflict Transformation

The one-semester LdM Certificate Program helps students develop one of the most pertinent skills needed in today’s diverse world: the ability to analyze and resolve conflict from a multicultural perspective. This program is available to students from diverse areas of study and relevant to a variety of professional career paths.