LdM Rome Activities

Activities help students explore Roman and Italian culture in a casual and entertaining way while taking into consideration the students’ scope of interest.

LdM’s Staff is always searching for new and interesting ways to enhance students’ intercultural competency while gaining a sense of home through visits to major museums, churches, and historical sites. Activities are open to all students. 

Class On-site

Guest lectures and on-site classes/workshops are often arranged by faculty to maximize the student experience.

Below are some other examples of the activities offered by LdM Rome:

– Bernini and Borromini in Rome
– Globe Theatre and Villa Borghese
– Domus Aurea
– Domus Romanae
– Bulgari Foundation
– St. Peter’s Basilica
– Roman Thermal Baths
– Caravaggio Tour
– Divus Julius Caesar: Visiting the Forum
– Wine Culture Orientation (with LdM professor)
– Italian Food Tasting – Pizza Tasting; Cheese Tasting (with LdM professor)
– Language Exchange Conversations
– The Capitoline Museums
– The Vatican Museums
– National Gallery of Ancient Art in Barberini Palace
– The Galleria Borghese
– Pantheon
– Piazza Navona
– Villa Adriana
– Villa D’Este
– Vatican Palace
– The Non-Catholic Cemetery of Rome
– Keats and Shelley House
– National Library
– Crime Museum
– The Jewish Catacombs

Extracurricular Activities

Legends of the Colosseum

Students are transported through time in an evening visit to the Roman Forum with a walk that begins at Piazza Venezia and ends at the Colosseum. This visit provides insight into the lives of Romans in the time of Caesar and a look into the infamous games at the Colosseum.

LdM friendly sport matches

LdM students have the opportunity to interact with Italian students from Sapienza University of Rome through various sport matches. Here, they can learn how sports fit into Italian life while staying active in a fun team environment.

Students on air

LdM students can observe filming and participate as an audience member during an Italian TV Program filmed at Rai Studios. These students are offered a glimpse behind the scenes at the home of the most popular national Italian TV channel.

Day Excursions

Day Trip to Bracciano and Odescalchi Palace

The Palace is located just an hour outside of Rome. Built by the Orsini family in the 15th century, the Odescalchi Palace looks onto the Bracciano Lake in the middle of the Roman Tuscia. Students are transported through the centuries by one of the most beautiful castles in Italy.

Day Trip to Tuscania and cooking class 

Tuscania is a beautiful Etruscan hill town located north of Rome. Students can get out of the city and into the fresh countryside, where they learn about organic farming and the 0KM movement that is so important to Italian cooking. During the cooking demonstration, students learn how to prepare typical local Italian fare.

Day Trip by the sea: Ostia Antica and Nettuno

Ostia Antica offers spectacular ancient Roman ruins and beaches just a half-hour from Rome, where students can spend a summer day in the same way the ancient Romans did. Visitors can indeed walk through the ancient streets of Ostia Antica, where there still exists a vivid impression of what day-to-day living was like for the ancient Romans. Nettuno is a popular tourist destination overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is known for its beaches and its Borgo Medievale, the historical heart of the city. The trip includes a visit to the American Cemetery and Memorial, the burial site for over 7800 U.S soldiers who lost their lives during World War II.