LdM Rome

LdM Rome is based near the vibrant Piazza Repubblica, in the political and commercial heart of the city, where modern capital meets Eternal City. LdM’s facilities are housed in a newly renovated 19th-century palace, featuring modern amenities such as Wi-Fi and spacious classrooms that provide a welcoming academic setting. LdM Rome location sits on Via Venti Settembre, a historic street commemorating the date of Italy’s unification. The bustling Roman city serves as an extension to the classroom, with lively neighborhood markets, iconic historic sites, and hidden treasures around every corner. 

For those students who are interested in art history, science (STEM program), international business, ancient and religious studies, and more, Rome provides the perfect backdrop for an integrated higher learning experience.

About Rome

The heritage of Rome is unsurpassed in any city of the West. It is not only the capital of Italy but an influential cosmopolitan hub with rich artistic, architectural and cultural history dating back over 3000 years.

Ancient monuments such as the Forum and the Colosseum stand in testimony to the ancient Roman Empire, earning Rome the title of “the Eternal City.” Rome is built upon seven hills: Aventine Hill, Caelian Hill, Capitoline Hill, Viminale Hill, Esquiline Hill, Quirinal Hill, and Palatine Hill, the last of which is believed to be where the city was originally founded. Today, it functions as a modern global center filled with activity from politics to banking to commerce.

Fusing a large metropolis with bustling neighborhoods, ancient history, and cobbled streets, Rome has served as inspiration for travelers and artists for centuries and continues to stimulate the senses and imagination today.