International Conflict Transformation

LdM Rome offers a one-semester, fifteen-credit Certificate in International Conflict Transformation in which students deepen their knowledge of global complexity and interconnectedness in today’s world. Upon completion, those interested in a career in government, non-profit or international organization, a multinational corporation, or journalism can advance with confidence.

The highly-interactive curriculum is comprised of five courses that help students become better informed about global politics and learn to measure the difference between principles and practice. The three core interdisciplinary courses explore the nature of conflict and of violence, the workings of international humanitarian assistance, and modern strategies for resolving or transforming discord. Students apply multidisciplinary theories as they learn the distinction between interpersonal and group dynamics on a macro level. The Program also includes concepts and methods related to the peaceful transformation of violent international conflicts, illustrating examples taken both by global peace initiatives and by Italian experiences in the field. 

Students have a choice of two track courses in which they further pursue closely related topics on the real effects of globalization. The subjects covered are presented through interconnected themes from the function and effectiveness of institutions like the IMF and the World Bank to issues of gender, ethnicity, environment, social justice, and human rights, along with the analysis of the phenomenon of terrorism historically and today. In addition, participants can learn about the operations of the UN and other organizations in Rome through research, meetings, and debate using the United Nations in Rome as a specific case study.

All courses are taught in English.

PREREQUISITES: please note that the LdM ICTC Certificate may require advanced skills. We encourage students to look for prerequisites listed in the brochure and on the current LdM Course Schedules page.

Download the Certificate in International Conflict at LdM Rome brochure for more information.


• Anthropology of Violence and Conflict – 3 credits / 45 hours
• International Conflict Resolution – 3 credits /45 hours
• Humanitarian Affairs – 3 credits / 45 hours


Students are required to choose two courses from the following:

• Globalization and Social Change – 3 credits / 45 hours
• International Terrorism – 3 credits / 45 hours
• International Rome: A UN City – 3 credits / 45 hours