Summer Certificates 2022 – Tuition and Fees

Each summer certificate consists of two core courses. Although each course listed for the 2022 Summer Certificates may be taken as a single study abroad course, the Certificate is only awarded to those students co-enrolled in both Summer Certificate courses.

Tuition Fees

Session I – June 2022: $3,500
Session II – July 2022: $3,500

Housing Costs

Please note: a $300 housing safety deposit is to be added and will be refunded to students after the end of the term if no damages are found to the apartment.

* Students who stay for BOTH summer sessions will receive housing at no extra cost during the break between the two summer sessions, even if the students are attending the LdM program in two different cities. In this case, the students will spend the break always in Florence.

For more information regarding housing costs, please contact  [email protected]

Payment and Cancellation Policies

Summer 2022 Study Abroad Payment Policies 

Upon acceptance to LdM, students should expect to pay the following: *

  • $500 Initial Program Payment (toward tuition)


  • Summer
    • If requesting student apartment through LdM, Housing Payment ($300 housing deposit plus full rent for session)**
    • If requesting home stay through LdM, full rent payment in Euro**
  • Half of the program cost by the application deadline.
  • Final half of program cost by the final program payment deadline.


  • If students apply on or after the application deadline but before the final program payment deadline, they must pay half of the program cost, including any applicable housing payments, upon acceptance to the program.
  • If students apply on or after the program payment deadline, they must submit the program cost in full, including any applicable housing payments, upon acceptance to the program.
  • All students must submit the Initial Program Payment and Housing Advance (if applicable), but program balances (or a portion thereof) may be paid upon disbursement of financial aid, provided LdM has received both verification of anticipated aid from the home institution and a personal guaranty. (Students requesting home stay through LdM must pay their housing balance in full according to the home stay payment deadline specified, however.)
  • Payment plans for semester and academic year programs may be established for a fee of $130. An approved payment plan may extend the final payment deadline to mid-term or earlier specified date.

*This payment schedule applies to students enrolling through LdM Academic Relations + Student Services and may vary according to the billing arrangement with the student’s home institution. Applicants will receive specific payment instructions upon acceptance to the program.

**See Housing Costs for costs per site and session.

Application Deadlines: 
Summer I / June 2022: April 15
Summer II / July 2022: May 15

Payment Deadlines:
Summer I / June 2022: May 15
Summer II / July 2022: June 15



  • prior to the 45 days preceding the program start date, the $500 initial tuition payment can be refunded net of bank fees.
  • 45-31 days prior to the beginning of the term, the student will be liable for the $500 initial tuition payment.
  • 30-0 days prior to the beginning of the term, the student will be liable for half of the tuition cost.
  • If the student withdraws after the start of the program, liability amounts to full tuition and no refund will be made.
  • The student will be fully liable for the total tuition cost if no official notice of the student’s cancellation is received by LDM before the start of the program.


  • Any cancellation must be communicated in a written withdrawal form which can be requested. Please remember that once the student arrives in Italy, no refund will be made for any reason whatsoever in the event of a student deciding to cancel change or vacate an assigned apartment.
  • If a student cancels 45 days or MORE prior to the Housing Check-In date, the $300 security deposit and full rent payment will be refunded.
  • If a student cancels 44-15 days preceding the Housing Check-In date, the student will lose the security deposit (US$300) but will be refunded the full rent payment.
  • If a student cancels 14-0 days preceding the Housing Check-In date – or fails to check-in to his or her Housing assignment – the student is responsible for the full rental amount and the security deposit of the accommodation for the entire academic term.
  • The student will be fully liable for the total Housing cost and security deposit if no official notice of the student’s cancellation is received by LdM before Housing Check-In.

Given the costs paid to external housing providers on behalf of the students are non-recoverable, refunds beyond those outlined above are not possible, regardless of reason (including but not limited to those related to COVID).