Three Cities Program

With the Three Cities program, students are immersed in the unique characteristics of three Italian cities during a single semester. Each of the cities, Tuscania, Rome, and Florence, has a distinctive urban character, a complex historical and artistic heritage, and a precise role in today’s Italy. This dynamic program offers students a diverse and informed approach to the multifaceted aspects of contemporary Italy, placing a new emphasis on Italian excellence and its global presence in relation to real-world issues of today and tomorrow.

Courses in Tuscania, Rome and Florence

The courses of the Three Cities program foreground a wide choice of topics. They mark a journey through history, culture, and society, highlighting Italy’s excellence in the fields of tourism and gastronomy, and allowing a reflection upon the meaning of the Made in Italy brand.

In Tuscania, students will explore the harmony of the Italian language as a key to better understand and appreciate their surroundings, while considering issues such as sustainable tourism, one that relies on the preservation of natural heritage. The historical and cultural aspects of the Made in Italy brand are the focus of the Rome portion of the program, where students understand how the production of Italian-made goods and services, and their global consumption, have affected Italy’s social fabric, its character, and even its lifestyle. In Florence, a course on Italian Cuisine, with hands-on learning, will guide students to understand Italy’s rich gastronomic tradition in geographical and social contexts, exploring current trends that reflect both social changes and attention to wellness. Thanks to a focus on wine business, students will then analyze the working structure of a field in which Italian insight and innovation stand out, learning about the economic and cultural scenario around wine business, especially within the international market.

Students spend a month at each location, moving from Tuscania to Rome, and finally to Florence, attending five 3-credit courses—two courses in Tuscania, one in Rome, and two in Florence.

At each of these locations, they will be closely supported by LdM’s expert and experienced team of advisors, support staff and faculty.

Please consult the brochure for this program, with the specific Three Cities Program Calendar as the dates differ from the standard LdM Academic Calendar.

To apply, see the Study Abroad Requirements in the Admissions Section.

LdM Three Cities Program Housing Service

The LdM Three Cities Program can make students’ housing arrangements in a double room in a shared student apartment. For this specific program the Housing Service includes:

– Rent in Tuscania, Rome and Florence with fixed check-in and check-out dates.

– Repairs not caused by negligence or wrongdoing by the student.

– Average utilities include water, gas, and electricity. Any costs above average consumption will be charged to all students sharing the same apartment and deducted from the housing deposit.

– Internet/Wi-Fi.

– City Public Transportation pass (Rome only).

The Program Housing Service does not include:

– Meals.

– Damages caused by negligence or wrongdoing.

– Extra cleaning: if the apartment is not clean on the specified check-out date, students will be responsible for an additional cleaning charge. The total amount due will then be deducted from the housing deposit. 

IT IS MANDATORY to be present at the housing check-in/orientation dates for each city in this program.

Contact [email protected] for more information.