Spring 2021 – On-site Programs at LdM Florence

During Spring 2021, on-site courses will be available at LdM Florence and LdM Tuscania. From semester programs to certificate programs, students can gain knowledge and achieve personal growth while engaging with peers from across the globe.

Academic Semester: Studying Abroad  at LdM Florence and at LdM Tuscania means students have a distinctive opportunity to learn both inside and outside of the classroom, exploring and utilizing the resources of the host city, its art, architecture, natural environment, and monuments as part of a theoretical and practical education. They will be immersed in Italian language and culture while getting to know and appreciate Italy’s rich history and people. LdM helps students strike a balance between personal discovery by living and learning about a new culture, and the rigorous coursework that is necessary for academic growth.

The Academic Semester allows for a combination of either 3 or 4 courses plus one Italian Language and Culture class.

To discover the course selection for the Spring Semester, browse our schedule

Semester Abroad and Two Italies – Application Deadline:
LdM is still evaluating applications. For more information [email protected]

Tuition Fees and Cancellation Policies

Application Forms:

Special Semester Program: Two Italies

With this program, students embark on an intercultural journey exploring different aspects of the Italian culture and lifestyle. The program starts in cosmopolitan Florence, a city of art, design, and fashion. It then continues to Tuscania, a picturesque hill-top town in northern Lazio, located right between Florence and Rome, the Italian Capital, in one of the country’s most authentic and unspoiled areas, also noted for its Etruscan necropolises.This dynamic program offers students a diverse and informed approach to the multifaceted aspects of contemporary Italy. It allows them to learn more about cultural differences and the settings in which they find themselves.

Students remain at each location for six weeks and take a total of five 3-credit classes. Students will be closely supported by LdM’s expert and experienced team of advisors, support staff, and faculty at each of these locations.

Schedule: click here to explore the Two Italies’ courses.

Semester Abroad and Two Italies – Application Deadline:
LdM is still evaluating applications. For more information [email protected]

Tuition Fees and Cancellation Policies

Application Forms:

LdM offers Certificate Programs are designed to develop student creativity, artistic talent, and technical skill by balancing theory and practice with an emphasis on real-world experience. All programs focus on Italian and local traditions within an international context. Certificates take between six months and two years to achieve, and are offered in the fields of Italian Gastronomy and Nutrition, Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Marketing and Merchandising, Jewelry Design, Fine Arts, and Restoration.

Application Deadline: LdM is still evaluating applications. For more information [email protected]

Tuition Fees and Cancellation Policies

Application Forms

The LdM housing department has revised its offer for this Spring semester 2021, taking in consideration that the students’ health is our priority.

In Spring semester 2021, LdM housing will only offer accommodation in shared apartments. Our apartments will accommodate from 2 up to max. 4 students and that they will only have single rooms.

As usual, all apartments will be located in the historical center, at a walking distance from LdM premises and from the main city highlights and services. Although every apartment is different in size and style, LdM can guarantee a list of standards for all of them.

Tuition Fees and Housing Costs


The housing rent includes: apartment rent from the check-in date to the check-out date, average utilities (water, gas, electricity, Internet connection) and one apartment cleaning every week (instead of every 2 weeks).

Please note: the housing fee refers to a spot in a single room. In case you have a specific and special request for double occupancy, we kindly ask to contact us per email to evaluate this request together.

Download your Housing Request Form

Housing Dates:


  • Housing Application Deadline:
    LdM is still evaluating applications. For more information [email protected] 
  • Housing check-in:   February 25th
  • Housing check-out: May 15th

Two Italies

  • Housing Application Deadline:
    LdM is still evaluating applications. For more information [email protected]
  • Housing check-in:   February 15th
  • Housing check-out: May 7th


Once students have been accepted to their LdM program, they will be sent the LdM Housing Booklet and forms required by their program. They should then follow these four easy steps below to reserve LdM Housing at each campus.

Students are required to submit the following documentation before housing can be reserved:

  • A completed and signed Housing Request Form and Personal Profile
  • Housing Rules completed and signed (handwritten signature)
  • Proof of payment of the housing security deposit and the advance of the rent payment at the time of application
  • A copy of the student’s passport (photo page)

The following documents are required no later than 30 days before the student’s arrival date:

  • A Copy of the student’s visa (only if necessary), that has to be requested at the Italian Embassy of your citizen home country.
  • Detailed travel itinerary (from the place of departure to the destination. It is MANDATORY to provide your travel itinerary to LdM. Please be aware that students may be subject to a two-week quarantine upon arrival to Italy, so the students who will attend the Tuscania program must fly directly to the Rome Fiumicino International Airport (FCO). Students who will attend the Florence or Two Italies program must first fly directly to the Rome Fiumicino International Airport (FCO) and then to the Florence Peretola Airport (FLR) as it is not allowed to take any public transportation (e.g. train, bus, subway).
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to avoid potential complications which could arise in the case of a flight delay or cancellation, LdM Housing kindly invites all students to book their flights in order to arrive in Florence for the check-in by 4:30pm on the arrival day (Thursday, February 25th).
  • Proof of the full housing rent payment

LdM will confirm receipt of the Housing Security Deposit payment and advanced rent payment by email, and will then proceed to arrange housing for the student.

About a week before the beginning of the term, the LdM Housing Office will provide the student via email with:

  • Apartment address, specifying roommates and apartment-mates
  • Information regarding Housing Check-In
    Students can send the completed booklet to LdM by email to: housing@lorenzodemedici.it
    For Fees and Payment, to ensure an accommodation provided by LdM: 
  • Students will pay the security deposit and advanced rent. This serves for the reservation of the room. (The proof of this housing payment has to be included with the student’s housing request form at the time of the application). If there is no damage to the apartment and its contents the security deposit will be refunded within 45 days after the student departure date.
  • Send copies of the completed payments by email to [email protected]
  • as soon as the payments have been made. Specify that this is a payment for housing, and additionally the student’s name that the payment is for.

Visit LdM Housing Services page for information about Housing options for all the other sessions.