Fall 2021 – On-site Programs at LdM Florence and Tuscania

During Fall 2021, on-site courses will be available at LdM Florence and LdM Tuscania. From semester programs to certificate programs, students can gain knowledge and achieve personal growth while engaging with peers from across the globe

Studying Abroad at LdM Florence and at LdM Tuscania means students have a distinctive opportunity to learn both inside and outside of the classroom, exploring and utilizing the resources of the host city, its art, architecture, natural environment, and monuments as part of a theoretical and practical education. They will be immersed in the Italian culture while getting to know and appreciate Italy’s rich history and people. LdM helps students strike a balance between personal discovery by living and learning about a new culture, and the rigorous coursework that is necessary for academic growth.

The Academic Semester allows for a combination of 4 courses plus one Italian Language and Culture class, or 5 academic courses without the language component.

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Application Deadline for all Fall 2021 Programs:
July 23rd. For more information [email protected]

Tuition Fees and Cancellation Policies – Study Abroad Program & Two Italies Program

Application Forms:

Special Semester Program: Two Italies

With this program, students embark on an intercultural journey exploring different aspects of the Italian culture and lifestyle. The program starts in cosmopolitan Florence, a city of art, design, and fashion. It then continues to Tuscania, a picturesque hill-top town in northern Lazio, located right between Florence and Rome, the Italian Capital, in one of the country’s most authentic and unspoiled areas, also noted for its Etruscan necropolises.This dynamic program offers students a diverse and informed approach to the multifaceted aspects of contemporary Italy. It allows them to learn more about cultural differences and the settings in which they find themselves.


Students spend over a month in Florence and then move to Tuscania, where they’ll enjoy the beauty of the Italian fall, taking a total of  five 3-credit classes.  Students will be closely supported by LdM’s expert and experienced team of advisors, support staff, and faculty at each of these locations.



  • Exploring Italy Through Language and Culture ITL 124 / ITL 224
  • Florentia: The Ancient Roots of Florence HIS 215 / ANC 215
  • The Pursuit of Happiness: Cultivating Well-being in Challenging Times  PHI 220 / PSY 220


  • Exploring Italy Through Language and Culture (Module Two: super intensive session) ITL 124 / ITL 224
  • Wine Business & Marketing BUS 252 / IGC 252
  • Sustainable Food and the New Global Challenge IGC 280 / ENV 280

Schedule: click here to explore the Two Italies’ courses.

Semester Abroad and Two Italies – Application Deadline:
July 23rd. For more information [email protected]

Tuition Fees and Cancellation Policies – Study Abroad Program & Two Italies Program

Application Forms:

LdM offers Certificate Programs designed to develop student creativity, artistic talent, and technical skill by balancing theory and practice with an emphasis on real-world experience. All programs focus on Italian and local traditions within an international context. Certificates take between six months and two years to achieve, and are offered in the fields of Italian Gastronomy and Nutrition, Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Marketing and Merchandising, Jewelry Design, Fine Arts, and Restoration.

Tuition Fees and Cancellation Policies – Certificate Programs

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The LdM housing department has revised its offer for Fall semester 2021, taking in consideration that the students’ health is our priority.LdM will offer double and single rooms in shared apartments. In case of any requirements for the Covid-19 emergency evolution (quarantine etc), the rooming arrangement may be subjected to changes.Common areas and bathrooms in the apartments will be professionally cleaned once a week during the Fall semester 2021. Additionally, apartments will be furnished with sanitizing products and students will be instructed on best practices regarding the sanitizing of the apartment, with particular attention to the common areas.As usual, all apartments will be located in the historical center, at a walking distance from LdM premises and from the main city highlights and services. Although every apartment is different in size and style, LdM can guarantee a list of standards for all of them.Prior to their arrival, the LdM Housing Office will provide students with guidance for following health and safety measures in their apartment.

Tuition Fees and Housing Costs



  • Housing Application Deadline: July 23rd
  • Housing check-in: September 16th
  • Housing check-out: December 11th

Two Italies

  • Housing Application Deadline: July 23rd 
  • Housing check-in: September 13th
  • Housing check-out: December 4th


The housing rent includes: apartment rent from the check-in date to the check-out date, average utilities (water, gas, electricity, Internet connection) and one apartment cleaning per week.


Once students have been accepted to their LdM program for the Fall 2021 semester, they will receive the link to the LdM Online Housing Application. Once the housing submission will be completed, students will receive an email with the housing request confirmation.

After the submitting process students will receive an email from the housing staff with a dropbox link where they have to upload the required documentation (passport, flight itinerary, visa if needed, payment proof if applicable per billing arrangement).

Approximately one week before the beginning of the term, the student will be provided with the following information via email:

  • Apartment address, specifying roommates and apartment mates
  • Information regarding Housing Check In
  • the most updated information regarding the  travel requirements to enter in Italy