Fall 2020 – On-site Programs at LdM Florence

During Fall 2020, on-site courses will be available only at LdM Florence.

From intensive study abroad one-month sessions to semester programs, and certificate programs, students can gain knowledge and achieve personal growth while engaging with peers from across the globe.

Special discounted fees apply to all LdM Fall programs, from Study Abroad Programs in various lengths, to Semester Certificate ProgramsOne-Year and Advanced / Professional Certificate Programs

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Study Abroad Programs: 

–  Academic Semester: Studying Abroad at LdM Florence means students have a distinctive opportunity to learn both inside and outside of the classroom, exploring and utilizing the resources of the host city, its art, architecture, and monuments as part of a theoretical and practical education. They will be immersed in Italian language and culture while getting to know and appreciate Italy’s rich history and people. LdM helps students strike a balance between personal discovery by living and learning about a new culture, and the rigorous coursework that is necessary for academic growth.

The Academic Semester allows for a combination of either 3 or 4 courses plus one Italian Language and Culture class.


To discover the course selection for the Fall Semester, browse our schedule

Application Deadline: July 20th

Tuition Fees and Cancellation Policies

Application Forms:

Certificate Programs

LdM offers CertificatePrograms are designed to develop student creativity, artistic talent, and technical skill by balancing theory and practice with an emphasis on real-world experience. All programs focus on Italian and local traditions within an international context. Certificates take between six months and two years to achieve, and are offered in the fields of Italian Gastronomy and Nutrition, Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Marketing and Merchandising, Jewelry Design, Fine Arts, and Restoration.

Application Deadline: July 20th

Tuition Fees and Cancellation Policies

Application Forms

Housing Fall 2020

The LdM housing department has revised its offer for this Fall semester 2020, taking in consideration that the students’ health is our priority.

Tuition Fees and Housing Costs:

Download your Housing Request Form


  • Housing Application Deadline: July 20th
  • Housing check-in: September 24th
  • Housing check-out: December 12th


Fall semester LdM housing will only offer accommodation in shared apartments. Our apartments will accommodate from 2 up to max. 4 students and that they will only have single rooms.

The housing rent includes: apartment rent from the check-in date to the check-out date, average utilities (water, gas, electricity, Internet connection) and one apartment cleaning every week (instead of every 2 weeks).

Please note: the housing fee refers to a spot in a single room. In case you have a specific and special request for double occupancy, we kindly ask to contact us per email to evaluate this request together.

As usual, all apartments will be located in the historical center, at a walking distance from LdM premises and from the main city highlights and services. Although every apartment is different in size and style, LdM can guarantee a list of standards for all of them.


The following are required for LdM to process the housing request: 

  • Housing Request Form, Personal Profile, and Student Certification completed and signed (handwritten signature)
  • Proof of the security deposit
  • A copy of the student’s passport (photo page).

The following are required 30 days before the Housing Check-In date: 

  • A copy of the visa page of the student’s passport (if applicable).
  • Cell phone/email address the student will use during the trip to Italy.
  • Detailed travel itinerary (from the place of departure to the destination)

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to avoid potential complications which could arise in the case of a flight delay or cancellation, LdM Housing kindly invites all students to book their flights in order to arrive in Florence for the check-in by 4:30pm on the arrival day (Thursday, September 24th).

Approximately one week before the start of the term, the Housing Office will email the student with: 

The student’s apartment address, specifying apartment mates and information about Housing Check-In.

Students can send the completed booklet to LdM by email to: [email protected]

For Fees and Payment, to ensure an accommodation provided by LdM: 

  • Students will pay the security deposit. This serves for the reservation of the room. (The proof of this housing payment has to be included with the student’s housing request form at the time of the application). If there is no damage to the apartment and its contents the security deposit will be refunded within 45 days after the student departure date.
  • Send copies of the completed payments by email to [email protected] as soon as the payments have been made. Specify that this is a payment for housing, and additionally the student’s name that the payment is for.

Visit LdM Housing Services page for information about Housing options for all the other sessions.