Flavors of Italy. Secrets from the Italian Kitchen Fall 2020

Flavors of Italy: Culinary Secrets from the Italian Kitchen
Fall 2020, Distance Learning Program

LdM’s Flavor of Italy program is a non-credit alternative for students interested in learning new recipes and discovering more about Italy’s gastronomical culture. Courses such as The Food of Italy: A Gastronomic Tour of the Regions and Current Trends in Italian Cuisine, taught over 4 meetings, offer interactive live sessions with the LdM chefs. Participants explore the unique and distinctive features of Italian cuisine, in a virtual journey along the Italian peninsula, discovering regional traditions and cultural differences. They also learn to identify new culinary trends and analyze some examples of contemporary creative Italian cuisine.


The curriculum will consist of both recorded lessons for the preparation of the mise-en-place and interactive classes. It will take place weekly from 8:00-10:00 PM Central European Time (optimizing availability for live sessions). Consult a time zone converter for the time of the lessons according to your location

Academic Dates & Application Deadlines:

Three independent sequences will be available throughout Fall, during which different recipes will be executed:

  • On-line Orientation September 15th; Classes from September 18th to October the 10th > Application deadline August 30th
  • On-line Orientation October 13th; Classes from October 16th to November 14th > Application deadline September 30th
  • On-line Orientation November 17th; classes from November 20th to December 12th > Application deadline October 30th


Course Descriptions:

The Food of Italy: A Gastronomic Tour of the Regions

IGC 016, Contact hrs: 8 Download the program

Across four weekly meetings, participants will travel through the Italian peninsula and learn to discover the unique characteristics of Italian cuisine, linked to local traditions and cultural diversities. Guided by a recorded video, the participants will prepare a small mise-en-place before taking part in the live session. During the course, the professor and students will prepare the dishes, explore and share the cultural and pleasant aspects of the recipes.

Current Trends in Italian Cuisine

IGC 022; Contact hrs: 8 Download the program

Across four weekly meetings, participants will discover what defines a new trend and analyze some examples of creative Italian cuisine. Contemporary aspects such as food sustainability, healthy food, and pantry maintenance will be introduced. The participants prepare a mise-en-place before the live session, guided by a recorded video. During the live sessions, the professor and the students will make the planned dish and experience new and exciting flavor sensations.

Tuition Fees:

Application Form

To learn more about the program and to start your application process, write to [email protected].