A Glimpse of Italy. Traveling Through History, Art and Culture Fall 2021

A Glimpse of Italy distance learning program is an exciting academic opportunity for students to connect with peers from all around the world while gaining invaluable insight into a variety of subjects for which Italy is world-renowned, from art history to fashion marketing, gastronomy, and more.

A Glimpse of Italy hosts a variety of interactive, online courses which span Italian history and legacy within the realm of fine arts, design, language, and philosophy. Dealing with the challenges of present time, students may also explore the environmental, philosophical, psychological aspects of our reality today through courses such as Sustainable Food and the New Global Challenge.

Courses such as The Pursuit of Happiness: Cultivating Well-being in Challenging Times and Psychology of Art and Human Creativity focus on the eternal issues of human creativity and happiness, offering new insights into well-being and artistic practices as means to improve resilience.

About A Glimpse of Italy

All courses take place live and synchronous within the indicated timeframe (see link to Academic Calendar below).

Courses are taught in English by LdM’s international faculty and professors with professional and teaching experience in their fields of study.

A Glimpse of Italy’s courses consist of interactive live sessions, including one or more of the following: student lounge, audio-visual material, virtual tours, guest speakers, film excerpts, etc. depending on the nature of the course.

Academic dates

  • On-line orientation: September 2nd
  • Courses will run once a week, from September 6th to December 10th 2021.
  • Each course includes 14 weekly 2-hr sessions, running MON-THU, including the final exam.
  • N.B. Italian Holidays on Monday, November 1st. Made up on Friday, Nov 5th
    and Wednesday, December 8th. Made up on Friday, December 10th
  • Students may choose to enroll in 1-3 courses (3-9 credits).
  • Academic Calendar


To get an overview of Fall 2021 courses, please consult the schedule.

Application Deadline: August 20th

For more information, to learn more about the program, and to start your application process, please write to [email protected]

To Apply