Distance learning programs


Founded in 1973, Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) was one of the first in Italy to offer specialized higher education to an international audience. Through its vision of sharing experience in the fields of Italian excellence, LdM has been able to connect with a global community and teach students of all backgrounds.

In the past months, LdM has incorporated distance learning options, and designed a variety of programs available online.

Whether attending as a credit-seeking student eager to delve into Italian culture, or taking a class simply for personal enjoyment and professional growth, participants can choose which program fits their needs best. From Italian language and culture, art and literature to wine and food culture, to fashion, design, and wellness, LdM’s carefully selected distance learning courses face contemporary issues and encourage students to redefine our world, both in our personal environment and in the global scene.

By joining LdM’s virtual community, students are able to be part of a global reality, to share and confront ideas with professionals and peers from all around the world, gaining a new perspective and international mindset.

At LdM, distance learning means sharing knowledge, cultivating beauty and harmony, and encouraging dialogue and creativity.

Each program has a unique schedule and array of options. All distance learning courses at LdM take an approach with both recorded and real-time course lectures, ensuring consistent and close-up interactions between the participants and their instructors.

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January 2022

Fall 2021